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4 Collections

“ I am a self-actualizing person striving for self-fulfillment by respecting other people and cooperate across borders”
  • Seeing things fresh and can deal with paradoxes
  • Free from excessive striving for something
  • Feel the complexity and multifaceted character of life, of real people and real situations
  • Deep respect for other people and their need to find there own way
  • High tolerance for ambiguity
  • Deep motivation for self-fulfillment instead of achievement

Key words

Realizes human's full potential

Ego Strength

Main Focus

Collaboration and bring strategy into practice

Awareness Level


Decision taking, sees multiple perspectives

Development Stage

6% (post-conventional)
  • Recognize other people’s need for autonomy
  • Humor tends to be existential
  • Transform strategy into practice
  • Mutually empowerment
  • Collaborate and cooperate across borders
  • Invites feedback for self-actualization

Frame of Mind Profile Card


Transforming leaders connect and engage with people around them to work collaboratively toward an inspiring vision.

“Buddha said, “Let’s try to understand the world by seeing the simplest possible thing we can do, which is to do nothing.” So that is meditation. We do nothing and we look. (Michael Behrens).
Transforming is one of the eight developmental stages of the Framework for Adult Leadership Development.
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