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The must-read stories for everyone who is new to the area of vertical development.
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Our most read how-to guides that gives you tips and step-by-step guidance in your vertical development.
DevOps – Practices for improving team collaboration
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Leadership development practices
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Transformative Stories for People and Leadership Development

Empower people to think and act beyond their limits and realizing their full potential to build a brighter future.


Providing Transformational Leadership Development Programs For Organizations In Transition

Awarego is a ‘social enterprise’. Our purpose is to continue providing as many people as possible with access to vertical development.

Our aim is to develop individuals, teams, leaders and organisations by reconditioning how they think and act when facing personal, societal and business challenges.

What makes us different

Why Choose Awarego

Awarego is a platform that empowers people to think and act beyond their limits to build a brighter future, by developing greater awareness about one’s thought processes, behavior and patterns.
Change Strategy

We believe that sustainable change starts from within, and by shifting the way people think and act, we can unlock the full potential of organizations.

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Social Entreprise

Our higher purpose is to build a brighter future for everyone

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Real Impact

Our methods and tools are anchored on a strong scientific foundation, practical and everywhere applicable

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Digital Is In Our Veins

With our digital platform and tooling our development programs are accessible for everyone and everywhere

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We help people to become more resilient towards personal or organizational transformations

They Trust Us

We are consultants, trainers, and coaches in the space of leadership development. We develop skills like: discover your intrinsic motivation, show your authentic personality at work, create climate of psychological safety at work.

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