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4 Collections

“ I am a self-questioning person focussed on inquiring myself and my environment”

  • Strong sense of uniqueness of own personality and desire for personal development
  • Realization of difference of inner world (beliefs, qualities and purpose) and outer world (work, relationships, familie)
  • Feeling of deception by realizing the impermanence of life
  • Understanding that ones worldview is a social construct where one can deviate from
  • Curiosity and change is more valued than acceptance and stability

Key words

Questioning, Creative

Ego Strength

Main Focus

Interaction, relationship between self and system

Awareness Level


Innovation and adapting to change

Development Stage

9% (post-conventional)
  • Welcomes feedback as necessary for self-development
  • Adapts (ignores) rules where needed, or invent new ones
  • Reevaluate social relationships (friendships, partner, etc)
  • Creativity and thinking ‘outside the box’
  • Questioning the status-quo
  • Asking ‘why’-questions
  • Unique ways to put things in perspective
  • Contemplative practices (e.g. meditation)

Frame of Mind Profile Card


Redefining leaders have a strong sense of their unique personality and genuine interest in its own psychology.

“The invitation is not to show how inventive you are, but how much you can notice what you already part of” Burgs – Mt. Wolf

Redefining is one of the eight developmental stages of the Framework for Adult Leadership Development.

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