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Empower Leaders and Teams in Building Transformational Capabilities

What We do

We accompany businesses, teams, leaders, and talents as they face complex changes and solve multifaceted issues in the organisation. Through learning opportunities that utilise principles of transformational leadership and vertical development, we empower leaders to become inspiring role models, innovators, and champions of change.

“Our transformational-capacity building programmes unlock the full potential of individuals, leaders, and teams.”

Our Expertise


We create leadership development strategies to inspire leaders in sustainably transforming their way of thinking and how they behave as they strive towards achieving their individual, team, and business goals.

Team and Individual Coaching

We deliver team-focused programmes to help improve team effectiveness, synergy, self organisation and provide one-on-one coaching to build self-awareness and other skill sets that support the journey through organisational transformation.


The LDP assesses eight (8) leadership styles, stages of leadership development, and provides insights to one’s action logics and meaning-making stance. The profile determines one’s leadership maturity stage, development steps, and fall-backs.

Our Customers

For Organisations

Strenghen The transformational Capacity

For organisations undergoing or are about to undergo transformational changes, we design strategies that align with their goals, structure, culture, and processes to ensure a successful and sustainable transition.

We work alongside change or programme managers and HR leaders in conceptualising and designing leadership development strategies that can strengthen the transformational capacity of leaders and their teams to embrace and adapt to change.

For Coaches

Enable people to become more adaptive

For coaches and aspiring coaches (e.g. agile coaches, team coaches, business/executive coaches), we offer a certification programme where we guide them in gaining a deeper understanding of the concept of Action Logics in leadership development.

Through this programme, we impart coaching techniques that can help improve the thought and behavioural processes of individuals, teams, and organisations, enabling them to become more adaptive in the constantly changing business landscape.

For Individuals

Develop your transformational skills

For seeking for personal development, we provide an e-learning courses with tools and practices that help develop transformational skills. We guide them in strengthening internal motivation and help them create an inspiring vision, turn this vision into reality, and influence others to work towards it as well.