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The 5 Groups of Experience

The five groups help to understand how we experience our environment and how we derive meaning from the things around us.

The five groups is about meaning making and plays an important role in how we perceive, go about, and react to occurrences in our daily lives.

1. Bodily Input

Humans collect environmental input via their senses:
hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and feeling.

A singing bird produces sound waves hitting the ear drum.
Here is hearing.

2. Feeling Tone

Feeling tone is our biological reward system

Nature conditioned us to do things that feels pleasant, like
eat tasteful food (become stronger) and having sex
(reproduction) and to avoid unpleasant things, like cold

3. Cognition (thinking)

Ideas and images are associated concept in the mind

Recognizing distinguishing marks and retrieves the concept
‘bird’ from memory

4. Mindstate

Feelings and emotions

Habituated tendencies of mind that condition how we respond to the sound

All mental activity besides feeling.
5. Intention

Intention towards an action

Knowing is clear and unobstructed.

That which knows the object sound.

The End