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4 Collections

“ I am a skill-centric person with a high degree of focus to something that I consider to be my craft”
  • There is only one correct approach to a problem
  • Intelligence and thinking is highest goal
  • Individual character is cherished without wanting to change it
  • Tolerant of individual differences, characteristics and views
  • Realizing their own limitations
  • Values their own individuality

Key words

Craftsmanship, Focus

Ego Strength

Main Focus

Expertise, procedure, efficiency

Awareness Level


Continuous improvement, efficiency and perfection

Development Stage

38% (conventional)
  • Perfecting knowledge to gain control
  • Takes feedback personally
  • Defends own thinking and position
  • Dismisses feedback from those who are not seen as expert
  • Gives personal attention to detail
  • Seeks perfection
  • Argues own position and dismisses others concerns

Frame of Mind Profile Card


Expert leaders are pursuing mastery through gaining knowledge and skills and intelligence is perceived as the highest goal
Expert is one of the eight developmental stages of the Framework for Adult Leadership Development.
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